Hello, welcome to my portfolio website. To better understand who I am and what I do I have decided to tell you a little bit about myself in a Q&A format.

WHO AM I? Jim Sommers - Son to a wonderful mother and father, brother to one sister, father of one totally awesome son, self-taught in photography, love to travel and take photos and self described information sponge.

WHERE DO I LIVE? Located in Sandusky, Ohio, work with clients throughout  Ohio and travel whenever possible always with my camera. Favorite destinations are Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Oregon, DC, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

WHEN DO I DO THIS? Every chance I can during evenings and weekends. Photography is a passion for me and I work with minimal clients that I can provide a quality product and experience for.

WHAT DO YOU TAKE PICTURES OF? Just about anything I can! I just enjoy hearing the sound of the camera shutter no matter what the subject is in my viewfinder. From people to landscapes and all things in between. See my portfolio collection as it speaks to the diversity of my photography interests.

HOW MUCH DO YOU CHARGE? I want to be able to provide lasting memories at a fair and reasonable price. However, each project is different and is hard to fit into a standard rate sheet.  It is best to contact me directly and we can talk about what you want accomplished and we can start from there.

HOW DO I CONTACT YOU? email [email protected] or 330.331.9595 is the best. Or hang out at the Marblehead lighthouse at sunrise on the weekends and chances are you will run into me at some point.